Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New car and doubting Dennis Haysbert.

I have been a terrible blogger. There are no excuses. I'm such a bad blogger that I haven't even posted the posts that I already had written. This one is from freaking January 22nd. Whooooops.

I finally have a new car!

It is a cute little Chevy Malibu, and although I was a loyal Toyota owner before this, I really like the little guy.

Gone are the days of car sharing with the boyfriend. We spent a loooot of 2012 sharing a car. We shared my old car for the first part of the year, and then this fall and winter we shared his car.

Why did we have to share cars so much, you ask?

What happened to his car?

 What happened to my car?

Well, people in Lincoln, Nebraska apparently decided that they just really enjoyed running their vehicles right into our precious little cars.

Back in August of last year, Allstate Insurance published a study they had done showing which cities had the safest drivers. It said that Lincoln, Nebraska was the fifth safest driving city in the country. They even had the  nerve to say that most people had an average of 12.4 years between car accidents here.

Well, if that is freaking true, then I should never be in or see another accident in my whole entire life.

One day last winter, boyfriend and I were just sitting in my apartment, minding our own business, when there was a knock at the door. We opened the door to find a girl who lived in the apartment building next to mine just bawling her eyes out. She couldn't talk through the tears, so she just pointed out to the street, where boyfriend's car had been parallel parked along the curb.

We peeked out and were greeted by this...

She apparently was moving out and was trying to back the Uhaul truck out of the driveway. She instead backed it right into his car.

There's the culprit herself. She was really, really sorry, and we were very nice to her.

This is the angle the car was left at once we finally got the truck off of it. 

So that was the death of car number one.

Then, this summer there was construction along 27th Street, which is a major north south route in the city. This construction caused multiple accidents every single day for four months. You could not drive on 27th Street without seeing an accident for the entire summer.

And I got to be one of the lucky participants of the accidents!

I was just driving south, minding my own business again, when traffic started to slow. I stopped behind a truck and glanced in my rear view mirror. I saw a boy coming up very quickly behind me, and it looked like his head was down. He wasn't even paying attention. And he never even hit his brakes.

So he ran right into my poor little car with all the force of the 45 mile an hour speed limit. 

This pushed my car right underneath the truck in front of me.

I was so thankful that I was wearing my seat belt, because it could have been a whole different story if I wasn't strapped in that day.

These were the two accidents that boyfriend and I were involved in in 2012. Also, since moving to Lincoln, I have been in a car that has been rear ended two more times. AND I was rear ended in boyfriend's car in 2011. 

That isn't even counting the million accidents that heads up driving has saved either of us from. 

Driving in downtown Lincoln is kind of like playing bumper cars, and you are the only one who does not particularly want to bump cars.

So in conclusion, Allstate either lies or has been grossly misinformed. I have begun to doubt how safe those hands really are, Dennis Haysbert.

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