Monday, January 7, 2013

Bad feet decisions

Day seven of January Blog A Day: Shoes

I know most girls have an unnecessary amount of shoes. And I am certainly not an exception to that rule. The thing that sets me apart is I buy the most ridiculous shoes... And then I really do wear them. I'm very lucky that in my apartment I have pretty much a whole closet devoted to my shoes. It doesn't hold them all, but it sure does try.

So... Yea.  That top shelf you can see? Yes, it does have four pairs of cowboy boots on it. Do I need that many? Not a chance. But there was a shop in Nashville that offered a buy one get two free sale. You know I couldn't walk away from that. And the fourth pair is from Montana. So at least all my cowboy boots are from states where there really are cowboys!

As you can see, I have a problem.

And then there are these. These are bright red pumps that are at least five inches tall and the sole on the front of them is not flat on the ground when you are standing. That makes them reeeeal easy to walk in. But no worries, I still felt that they were acceptable to wear to a wedding. A wedding where the bride, groom, and majority of the wedding party was all home schooled back in the day. Let's just say that even though my dress was conservative, people were still ushering their children away from me.

Halloween one year, I was Pepper Potts and the boyfriend was Iron Man. We could not take a good picture together for the life of us. But my zebra print shoes sure were snazzy. 

And then, since I missed yesterday's topic of embarrassment, I will show you this delight.

That is a picture of my feet in a coworkers office. Because I wore mismatched shoes to work and I did not realize it until like an hour after I got there.


  1. I would die in those shoes. As in break every bone in my body. They sure are pretty though. Perhaps I will get some and then insist the husband carry me around all day.

    1. The red ones? I'm pretty darn good in heels, but walking down a slope in those was almost as scary as polar bears! I definitely like the idea of making the husband carry you around, I'm sure he would understand because your feet would be so pretty!