Wednesday, January 2, 2013


The topic for January Blog a Day #JanBlogADay is two... That's awfully vague, isn't it?

Two as in a pair of something? A pair of people, maybe. But I feel like days 16 and 25 cover that. A pair of digits, like feet? But day seven is supposed to be all about shoes so that seems covered.

I truly have no idea where to go with two. So here are two of my favorite videos from the weird part of the internet. 

You are welcome.

Jenna Marbles is amazing. I'm super upset that she and Max No Sleeves broke up because that's going to make it quite awkward when she and I become best friends and we still have to double date with him and my manfriend.

Second is someone else that I want to be best friends with, Hannah Hart. Maybe now that I have this blog they will like me and we can be internet friends and it can be not weird.... Or not even close to that at all. Because this paragraph sure wont make anyone want to be my friend. Must stop typing.

Her mimosa recipe is so spot on. I've never seen a recipe quite so masterfully developed and executed.

Now you all can judge me that I just picked two videos of drunk girls. I'm not sorry, I just went with what I know.

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