Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pinterest induced jealousy.

Day eight of January Blog A Day: Honesty

Honestly, Pinterest makes me kind of sad. That's not to say that I don't love it a little bit lot. Pinterest and I have a dysfunctional relationship where I keep going back to it because everything is so pretty, but it just slaps me in the face with how much I will never have those beautiful kitchens, or that no heat hair style, and I will certainly never learn to be crafty or do my nails successfully.

Look at how amazing this is. That backsplash, those lights, that adorable little booth in the kitchen. Who has a booth in their kitchen?? Not this girl. And realistically, I probably never will. But Pinterest has shown me that this is what my house must look like.

And every single home ever should have one of these. Who needs empty inside the wall space when you could be using that to store wine?

Now the house dreams could one day become a reality. That day will only come when I have the money to hire an interior designer and a maid though. Getting my hair and nails to look like those girls though? That is only going to happen when pigs fly. My hair and nails just weren't born to be this glamorous.


And don't even get me started on how no matter what I do, my wedding would never ever hold a candle to those fairy tale dream picture perfect weddings on there...

Is that even real life?

But thankfully, the food and the recipes on there don't make me feel bad at all.
First, I am a pretty darn great cook. Give me a recipe (or even don't) and I can make you something delicious.
Second, so many of those recipes look disgusting. Cream of everything soup and shredded cheese do not a meal make.

I would share my gift with you, but food is day fourteen!


  1. "Cream of everything soup and shredded cheese do not a meal make." YES! THANK YOU!

    (P.S. I instantly repinned that wine in the wall photo. Couldn't resist.)

    1. Isn't that wine thing the most genius thing you've seen all day?? I want one so, so bad.