Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Last day of customer service!

I am having  very conflicting emotions today.

It is the last day of my job where I have worked for almost the last three years. When you're only 23, that feels like practically your entire life.

It is where I made so many friends, and so many memories. I intend to keep as many of those friends as I can, because they are really great people.

It is where I have learned how to be a better employee, and how to take professional constructive criticism.

I am leaving on my own accord, to move on to a job that is more in line with where I want my career to go, but that doesn't mean that I'm not a little bit sad. And it doesn't mean that I am not apprehensive. I know everything about my current job. There isn't a problem that a coworker or employee can bring to me that I don't know how to handle, or who to call to get it handled. 

And now I will be starting over. I won't know anything. The new job isn't even in the same realm as the old one.

My new job starts Thursday and it will look great on my resume. Hopefully it will teach me even more than the last three years have. Hopefully it will open doors to places that I have always wanted my life to go.

If nothing else, it will leave me with some crazy stories.

And even more exciting than that? I don't have to deal with customers anymore! If you have ever worked in any form of customer service, you know what a relief that will be.

I guess, if nothing else I am kicking butt at my New Year's Resolution to stop being so stagnant. And a little bit on the trying to be more fearless resolution, as well.

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